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Condominium and Homeowners’ Association Disclosures in Florida

Did you know that Florida Law specifically protects a buyer purchasing a residence subject to a membership in a condominium or homeowners’ association, ensuring that all information pertaining to the transaction is made readily available for review? A real estate transaction that requires membership in a condominium or homeowners’ association triggers a number of statutory disclosure requirements. Buyers and sellers often overlook the extreme importance of these detailed and complete timely disclosures leading to potentially disastrous results, including, but not limited to the potential cancellation of the sale without recourse.

How to Build or Remodel Your Home Without the Headaches

How to Build or Remodel Your Home Without the Headaches by: Mark A. Slack, Esq.   Did you know…You could be required to pay a subcontractor even though you had already paid your contractor for the same labor, services and materials. That’s because a subcontractor or supplier who worked on your home can place a valid lien on it, even though you paid your contractor in full and your contractor gave you a final release of lien.


2017 WWMR&G Realtor® Assembly by Woods, Weidenmiller, Michetti, Rudnick & Galbraith, PLLC WWMR&G is proud to announce that it will be holding its 1st Annual Realtor® Assembly on June 22 at the Hilton – Naples, Florida. WWMR&G’s goal is to provide Realtors in Southwest Florida with a comprehensive educational event.

WWMRG Adds Attorney Lisa Glenn

Woods, Weidenmiller, Michetti, Rudnick & Galbraith Adds Attorney Lisa Glenn NAPLES, FL (February 17, 2017) – Naples-based law firm Woods, Weidenmiller, Michetti, Rudnick & Galbraith, PLLC is expanding its footprint in the Naples, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana markets with the addition of a new law partner as of February, 2017.  Lisa M. Glenn, Esq., has joined the firm as a partner in the Trust and Estates Department.  Lisa is admitted to practice law in Indiana and Florida, and will split her time between the firm’s Naples, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana offices.  

How to Avoid Closing Delays with Your Lender

  How to Avoid Closing Delays with Your Lender By: Loretta Tsiskakis, Esq. There are many reasons why a real estate closing can be delayed or cancelled when the transaction involves institutional financing. If you are considering obtaining financing to purchase real estate, it is important to keep in mind common delays that occur with lenders in order to increase your chances of avoiding these delays and closing as scheduled.  

Have You Taken Steps to Avoid Probate?

Have You Taken Steps to Avoid Probate? By: DavidA. Ruben, Esq. Did You Know: If you are a Florida resident and die with assets titled in your individual name without a beneficiary designation, your loved ones will almost certainly have to go through the time and expense of a probate administration at your death!   

Getting the Most Out of Your Equity Golf Club Membership

By: Rachel Kerlek, Esq.  

Equity (n) : fairness or justice in the way people are treated : a share in a company : a share of a company’s stock Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary My father, an avid but inconsistent golfer, would argue that there is certainly no “fairness or justice” in the game of golf. However, in southwest Florida, particularly in the 1990s through the early 2000s, the term equity was synonymous with golf memberships – a prospective member of a golf club would make a deposit, sometimes referred to as an equity contribution, in exchange for the privilege of being a member with full rights to golf and other amenities. These equity memberships varied in price throughout the years, but often were more than $100,000. Though expensive, equity memberships were appealing for two main reasons:  


The Truth About Using an Attorney During a Home Purchase

When purchasing real estate in Florida, buyers often overlook the benefits of working with a real estate attorney during the transaction because they assume it will increase the length of the process and be more costly. This is not necessarily true. While both title companies and law firms may issue titles: only an attorney trained in real estate transactions can also help you overcome legal issues that may surface from contract to closing. In this situation, using a law firm may kill two birds with one stone.


Watch Out for Contract Traps During Periods of Rapid Development

It would be difficult not to notice the rapid growth in housing development that Naples is currently experiencing. New home construction is popping up in areas that were previously undeveloped.  While this is obviously keeping our real estate department busy, it also impacts our litigation team in a variety of different ways.  Read on to understand how growth in the real estate development industry might affect you and your community (and how to make sure you don’t end up in litigation as a result!).